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TITLE: "Extra-Marital Affairs"
AUTHOR: Lambourn
FANDOM: Smallville
PAIRING: Lex/Other, Clark/Other was heading toward Clark/Lex
SPOILERS: Major ones for "Unsafe"

SUMMARY: "I still have my commitment papers from Belle Reve, Clark, if that's what you're looking for in a spouse."

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That was the quickest that any story has died on me. Ever. All it took was watching "Pariah", and I realized I couldn't write this story.
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TITLE : "The Waiting Period"
AUTHOR : Lambourn
FANDOM : Smallville
GENRE : Drama, Humor, First-Time
PAIRING : Clark/Lex (of course)
SPOILERS : AU after "Phoenix".

SUMMARY : "Someone has beaten Lex to the punch."

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Okay, so this died because of the fact I lost my laptop to Toshiba for 1 month, and didn't make an outline before I closed the file. I also, it occurs to me that Lex is way out of character, like he talks too much and all I can say is it's AU after Phoenix- so pretend Lex was never institutionalized, Clark never went behind his back to his father (i.e. Memoria), the CoCK is still intact but undiscovered, and Clark is more puppy than pitbull asshole we've seen so far.

Originally I wrote this for someone's birthday. Um I won't say who, because obviously I suck, since I didn't finish it. Let's just say the prompt was this: "I love possessive touching--gripping someone's chin, shoulder, unexpectedly. Actual, active seduction--one character going all out to get the other one. I vacillate on who I like to initiate between Clark and Lex though. Shall have to ponder in more depth. I love obsessive Lex--when he's collecting things about Clark--like his shirt."

So you can tell where the story was going, it just didn't get there.
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If you didn't get enough MR on SV last night ... this may help soothe the pain.

Here it is, what was teased and hinted about by [ profile] moonlash_cc can now indeed be watched by all. This file came to me by way of [ profile] eisakay, and to help with the bandwidth sharing, I've uploaded it to YouSendIt.

Share and share alike! *g*

MR on Carson Daly

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