lambourngb: Kirk in bomber jacket (Kirk-pensive)

horns and halos, resting on my shoulders

one speaks softly, one bowls me over.

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Birthdate:Jun 13
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Website:Rice Paper Heart
My friending policy: I'm very good at reciprocal friending, because it always gives me a warm fuzzy when someone friends me back. If you're friended, it's because I like your fiction or thoughts or manips, and I want to know when the latest stuff is up. It's also me putting my toe in the fandom and hoping the water isn't too cold.

I can be reached : lambourngb with gmail.

I use friends-lock for real life bitching. All fic, what little there is, is public.

Currently the icons I use are made by the fan & fabulous artist newkidfan.

My SGA reading habits can be found at under lambourngb.

My everything-else fandom reading is under lambourngb_reads.

Interests (120):

angel, athenaeum, atlanta braves, bain mattox, barry zito, barry/mark, barry/tim, baseball, birdyork, bob dylan, books, bruce springsteen, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, castiel, castle, charlie crews, chemistry, clark kent, clark/bruce, clark/lex, classic rock, clex, collapsis, coupling, criminal minds, csi, csi slash, csi:ny, dani reese, danny mccoy, danny/casey, danny/martin, david hewlett, dean/castiel, die hard, dom/brian, don lamb, draco/snape, dressage, due south, duncan kane, far too jones, forensics, gryffindor, harry potter, harry/draco, horse racing, horses, house, hunter-jumpers, jack/vaughn, jacqueline carey, jakob dylan, joe flanigan, john sheppard, john/rodney, josh/sam, july for kings, justice league, las vegas, law & order, leverage, lex luthor, life, lilly kane, lindsey mcdonald, logan echolls, logan/duncan, logan/weevil, maine coons, mark mulder, matt farrell, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, medium, michael rosenbaum, mike garrigan, north carolina bands, numb3rs, numb3rs fast&furious, oakland a's, photography, pirates of the caribbean, reading, red perspective, rodney mckay, ronon, scott summers, sga, sheppard/mckay, slash, slash novels, slytherin, smallville, snow patrol, southland, sparrington, stargate atlantis, stereophonics, supernatural, susan r. matthews, teyla, the clear, the color green, the fast & the furious, the guardian, the listener, the wallflowers, thoroughbred, tim hudson, tom petty, tom welling, veronica mars, veronica/logan, weevil, west wing, without a trace, writing, x-men.
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