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2020-03-16 11:07 am
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Friends Only!

This journal is going friends-only.

My reasons for the change? My job, and apparently you can't be too careful. I never thought I'd get paranoid in my old age, but there you have it.

Comment to be added, or just add me to your friends list if you're lazy like me. I'll add you back, unless you have a blank journal.

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2010-03-31 09:59 am

An Appeal

I am leaving this unlocked, and feel free to circulate the links. I know after Haiti and Chile a lot of us have reached the charity threshold for giving with the economic climate as it is, at least I have myself until I read this in the Baltimore Sun.,0,3866909.story :
Lawyers for the father of a Marine who died in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters say a court has ordered him to pay the protesters' appeal costs.

On Friday, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered that Albert Snyder of York, Pa., pay costs associated with Fred Phelps' appeal. Phelps is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, which conducted protests at the funeral of Snyder's son, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, in Westminster in 2006.

Lawyers for Snyder say the Court of Appeals has ordered him to pay $16,510.80 to Phelps for costs relating to the appeal, despite the fact that the
U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review the Court of Appeals' decision.

They say that Snyder is also struggling to come up with fees associated with filing a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court.

"We are extremely disappointed," said Sean E. Summers, an attorney for Snyder. He added that the U.S. Supreme Court will likely hear the case during its October term and make a decision in June of next year.

"The Court of Appeals certainly could have waited until the Supreme Court made its decision," Summers added. "There was no hardship presented by Phelps."

Summers said there is no timetable for when the costs must be paid, but if his client doesn't have the money when Phelps requests payment the matter would go into collections. Snyder could lose his property or his wages, Summers said.

Summers added that if Snyder pays Phelps' court costs and then receives a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court, "imagine him trying to get money back from Phelps."

The high court agreed earlier this month to consider whether the protesters' message is protected by the First Amendment or limited by the competing privacy and religious rights of the mourners.

I just... I know this is how the legal system works, but the idea of paying that hate-monger's legal fees just kills me. So I'm contributing to the legal fund.

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2009-12-08 12:54 pm

Thank you's and thoughts

Thank you [personal profile] an_sceal, [personal profile] syriinx and [personal profile] suzvoy for the snowflake cookies! I loved them! Thank you so so so very much.

Now with my undying gratitude out of the way: (and maybe I should make this a separate post to keep the feelings unconnected...) Here are my thoughts on the free cookie mistake/future cookie rules. As always, it was fun while it lasted, but now eljay is going to fuck it up.

Thoughts on the upcoming rule for sending gifts )
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2009-11-12 11:00 am
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Star Trek Big Bang Rec: "Indistinguishable from Magic" by barrowjane

Another offering from the ST:Big Bang

"Indistinguishable From Magic by barrowjane

Summary: After an incident investigating a research vessel, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves in a different place and Kirk realizes he may have to follow the rules of this odd, almost fairy-tale world to get them home.

Length: 40,000 words

My rec: I devoured this story once I had a chance to sit down and devote time to it. I initially was hesitant about this story, because I was fearing some sort of fantasy-fusion with characters with Powers! masquerading around, and why I had that idea in my head, I don't know. This story was so far away from that, it's laughable now that I've finished it.

Instead it's a episodic plot taylor-made from Star Trek tradition, where Jim finds himself surrounded by familiar crewmen but involved in an unfamiliar setting and carrying out the story of "The Snow Queen". The story, like all classic fairytales is loaded with pathos and sweet longing, and if you enjoy pining!Kirk, then you'll love this.

Barrowjane pulls together the lyric language of the fairytale and world-worn, sardonic humor of Jim seamlessly. There's banter, there's angsty backstory, and there's a beautiful ending. While yes, there's a happy ending, the story also remains true to the fairytale model with tragic resolution to the plot.

So get a hot cup of coffee/tea and a warm blanket- this is the perfect rainy day escape.
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2009-04-22 12:23 pm

Made it!

*Not crossposted, because I'm at work*

Here on dreamwidth, and I'm happy to have made it. When I have more time I can't wait to add all my communities and friends, and of course explore the styles. For now, I plant my flag with my username.

I'm still working on the subscribe/grant access thing. Might just do both for everyone, less to keep track of in the long run.
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2008-02-11 08:57 am
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Trio (spoilers)

This post has nothing to do with the various characterizations that we saw in the episode (other people have made pretty much every point that could be made about Rodney, Keller, and Sam).

This is all about the mission profile )
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2006-07-12 07:25 am

ASG, Veronica Mars snippet

I've become such a lightweight when it comes to sleep. I went to bed early, couldn't even stay up to finish watching the All Star Game. I didn't think the AL was gonna pull it out with the pitching they were facing, though I knew Hoffman can be vulnerable. Still, missed the rally, I went to bed in the 7th, punking out so I could some sleep for work today.

I know, it counts for HFA, but man, it was just dragging last night. I kinda missed the slug-fests from the last couple of years. Pitching duels are great for regular season games, a little dull when I want to see my favorite players get hits (just not off of Zito). Speaking of, he was awesome, except for the long loud out at the end. Nice to see him face more than one batter for his 3rd ASG appearance.

I started writing again lately, something I did off and on in the last year though I was still no closer to finishing anything. I found some old VM stuff I wrote during the long Jan hiatus between Clash of the Tritons and Lord of the Bling. Who knows, I might restructure it some day and finish. It was just the beginning of something plotty.

"Tears for Peers"
Summary: "By now, you know it's not going to stop."
Spoilers: sometime after "The Clash of the Tritons", AU for "Lord of the Bling."

Think: VMVO (tm TWoP) )
... and that is all I wrote. Totally season-1 fun full of voice-overs and flash-backs. I know where I was going with it, but then Rob Thomas totally beat me there with the slow cease-fire from Logan, the reveals in "Trip to the Dentist", etc. I found myself chuckling over the Barry Bonds ball part. Wonder if Luke still mourns it with all the allegations.

Off to work for another fun filled day of cranky customers.
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2005-06-15 11:26 am

Amazon the evil

Not that I need an excuse for spending money, but my birthday is always a good one. I'm deleting my credit card info from Amazon now, just so I can keep that temptation at bay- I figure if I have to hunt down my card and type in the numbers- it should buy me enough time to come to my senses...

Yeah, who am I kidding? *g*

Anyway, after waiting last night to see if I could get tickets to the one-night-only production of "Take Me Out" (I didn't get them)- I went to Amazon and bought the play, along with as many gay sports biographies I could find like David Kopay's book (former Redskin), Glenn Burke (former Dodger/A), and David Pallone's book (former MLB umpire). I already own Billy Bean's "Going the Other Way" (former Padre).
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2005-06-14 11:06 am

My Birthday yesterday...

Hugs to [ profile] hdstanley, [ profile] marigot, [ profile] an_sceal who treated me to a wonderful dinner at Gaupos (Mexican restuarant) and cake. Not to mention presents! I received : Scrubs Season 1, the new Wallflowers CD, and the most amazing combo- a DVD player/ portable hard drive (250 Gigs).

The portable hard drive slips into the DVD player, and plays whatever AVIs on it- without converting to DVD-format. It rocks!

ETA: Well, in theory it would, because apparently the DVD player has no sound, and is now being returned. It also looks like "whatever AVIs" are divx-formated AVIs. I'm puzzled, I thought all AVIs were divx, but apparently the machine has question marks against some, and plays others fine. I have a feeling I'm not out of the converting woods.

The rest of the birthday loot: A book about poisons (always useful), a beautiful piece of stained glass with horses on it, and the latest Richard Stone Reeves book "Belmont Park". Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, as much as the occasion depresses me, having friends around definitely makes it easier.
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2005-06-13 11:42 am

(no subject)

I was not abducted by aliens. I did not join a cult that banned livejournal use. I haven't traveled around the world enjoying cultures different from mine. Alas all of those would have made for more interesting reasons for neglecting livejournal, when all I have is school.

There are those out there in fandom who can write epics, read/comment on f-lists, and go to school fulltime without suffering grade slides. Hell, there are even those who do that *and* juggle a job. I'm green in envy here, because I am not among you.

I have missed everything lj and smallville related, life is really dull without slash and fandom.
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2005-02-25 06:21 pm

10 Things I've Done...

10 things I've done that most of you probably haven't.

1. Was raised by an employee of Psychic Friends Network. (My Mom)
2. Had someone tell me my skeleton is worth $100,000 based on the uniqueness of my bone structure. (Rare bone disorder. Good for freaking out x-ray technicians.)
3. Worked for the man who lit the torch for the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. He was a 5-time Olympian and a silver medalist for show jumping. (Michael Matz, now retired and trains racehorses.)
4. Was once surrounded by the sheriff's department and handcuffed. (I was staying in a trailer with a friend at someone's farm- her landlord forgot I was using the trailer and called the cops saying there was a vagrant/drug user using the trailer.)
5. Sang onstage with Meatloaf during a concert. (I sang the line "Stop Right There" in "Paradise by the Dashboard Light".)
6. Made out with a complete stranger at the same concert while on stage with Meatloaf.( I was part of the demonstration on how he sold the song to the record companies.)
7. Once chased a cow with a car during a "round up".
8. Had to hide a bag of oregano from the cops during a traffic stop. (Raided my mom's spice rack with a friend and then drove to her house to make lasgana- she got stopped for speeding).
9. Watched my brother hang two beer bottles from his nipples (one on each nipple) on national television. (He was on MTV's "Sink or Swim". His "talent" greatly impressed the judges- "Good Charlotte")
10. Begged my parents to buy a horse at a thoroughbred auction,-- said horse gave birth a month later to multi-millionaire race horse. (Sharon Brown- gave birth to Holy Bull : he won 2.4 million dollars in 1993-1994.)
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2005-02-04 03:35 pm
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SV: Extra-Marital Affairs (unfinished, "Unsafe" post-ep)

TITLE: "Extra-Marital Affairs"
AUTHOR: Lambourn
FANDOM: Smallville
PAIRING: Lex/Other, Clark/Other was heading toward Clark/Lex
SPOILERS: Major ones for "Unsafe"

SUMMARY: "I still have my commitment papers from Belle Reve, Clark, if that's what you're looking for in a spouse."

* * * )

* * *
That was the quickest that any story has died on me. Ever. All it took was watching "Pariah", and I realized I couldn't write this story.
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2005-02-04 02:21 pm
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SV: "The Waiting Period" unfinished, (Clark/Lex)

TITLE : "The Waiting Period"
AUTHOR : Lambourn
FANDOM : Smallville
GENRE : Drama, Humor, First-Time
PAIRING : Clark/Lex (of course)
SPOILERS : AU after "Phoenix".

SUMMARY : "Someone has beaten Lex to the punch."

* * * )


Okay, so this died because of the fact I lost my laptop to Toshiba for 1 month, and didn't make an outline before I closed the file. I also, it occurs to me that Lex is way out of character, like he talks too much and all I can say is it's AU after Phoenix- so pretend Lex was never institutionalized, Clark never went behind his back to his father (i.e. Memoria), the CoCK is still intact but undiscovered, and Clark is more puppy than pitbull asshole we've seen so far.

Originally I wrote this for someone's birthday. Um I won't say who, because obviously I suck, since I didn't finish it. Let's just say the prompt was this: "I love possessive touching--gripping someone's chin, shoulder, unexpectedly. Actual, active seduction--one character going all out to get the other one. I vacillate on who I like to initiate between Clark and Lex though. Shall have to ponder in more depth. I love obsessive Lex--when he's collecting things about Clark--like his shirt."

So you can tell where the story was going, it just didn't get there.
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2005-02-04 12:58 pm
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Without A Trace: "Lost in the Flood" unfinished (Martin/Danny, preslash)

One of the first things I liked about WaT when I started watching in first season was the dynamic between Martin and Danny. I absolutely loved Danny Taylor, and I was just teased to pieces in the first five episodes about his past- you knew he grew up in foster care because of a car accident, you knew thanks to Claire Metcalf's story that he blamed himself for causing the accident, and you knew that he changed his last name to something Anglo-sounding.

I wrote this before we found out about his brother in prison or any other details from his life. I certainly wrote it before Sam/Martin thing happened. (scrubs brain).

TITLE : "Lost in the Flood"
AUTHOR : Lambourn
RATING : PG-13, R? I got stalled before I could get to the sex. Again.
FANDOM: "Without a Trace"
PAIRING : Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald

DISCLAIMER : Not a word of this is true. Any resemblance to people, living or dead is purely coincidental. The concept of Without A Trace is not mine, nor are the characters- they belong to someone more gifted than I.

SUMMARY: "One of these mornings, you will look for me, and I'll be gone." Which is worse, going missing in body or in spirit?

SPOILERS : First season. Previous cases mentioned: "Between the Cracks" (Eve Cleary), "Silent Partner" (Patrick Kent) "The Friendly Skies" (Linda Schmidt), "Clare de Lune" (Claire Metcalf)

* * * "Lost in the Flood" )

I didn't have an outline for this, so I don't remember where I was going, other than long hours working a case leading to m/m text over the subtext the show delivered. *g* The victim was based very-loosely on my own experiences with anxiety disorders/internet addiction and isolationism, and I was going to find myself dead. Perhaps that's why I stalled on the story.

The thing was, I started a sequel, that I might as well offer up on WiP Amnesty day.

TITLE : Point Blank
AUTHOR: Lambourn
FANDOM: "Without a Trace"
PAIRING: Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald

DISCLAIMER: Not a word of this is true. Any resemblance to people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The concept of Without A Trace is not mine, nor are the characters- they belong to someone more gifted than I.

SUMMARY: "We all have our Chet Collins, you will too."

SPOILERS: Yes, first season. Previous cases mentioned: "Between the Cracks" (Eve Cleary), "Suspect" (Andy Deaver), Silent Partner (Patrick Kent)

Sequel to "Lost in the Flood"

* * * "Point Blank" )

I think Mel Watson was the obligatory gay character who helps Danny, unknowingly come to terms with the dynamic between him and Martin. I had a vague idea that this was a faked hitch-hiker case, and the body had a receipt from a gas station. I think I had a drug-dealer boyfriend with a violent past as the obvious but incorrect suspect. Again, no outline, so I don't remember where I was going with this one.

I have WaT on DVD so, maybe I'll go back to this one day.
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2005-02-04 12:20 pm
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ER: "The Secret Sharer", unfinished (Carter/Kovac preslash)

In the beginning, I watched ER a lot. I always liked Carter. My interest wanned over the years, returning when they cast the role of Dr Kovac, and then I got really tired of the Abby-story lines, so I stopped watching.

This was written after I watched a season 8 episode called "Secrets and Lies". I was so pissed and ashamed at how ER handled this revelation that Carter makes that I wrote this. Eventually though, I ran out of steam and righteous indignation. *g*

Title : The Secret Sharer
Author : Lambourn
Pairing : Kovac/Carter (preslash).
Warnings : Rated R for discussion of mature subject matter.

Summary : First it was a secret, then it was a memory, now it was a joke, but it still hurt all the same.

My Author Notes: Warnings, discusses sexual abuse. Also, I'm on a soapbox.  )

* * * "The Secret Sharer" )

So it stalled there, before I could nail down a conversation with Kovac and Carter together. Carter sat down and waiting for Abby to show up, and end up talking, not about anything related to his past, but just for comfort. He left the apartment surprised he felt better, and that was the end of it.

The next companion story, which never even got started, "Heart of Darkness" was supposed to be much longer, picks up 2 years later and all about Carter in Africa with Kovac, sharing a tent. *g* That was where the pre-slash was supposed to become slash; Kovac noticing all the little details of Carter and then learning about the past abuse, hurt/comfort all the way.
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2005-02-04 11:53 am
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SV: "Lessons in Popularity", unfinished Part 4 of the "Lessons" series

WIP Amnesty day, and boy do I have a lot of them! Remember first season? Remember when the SV fandom was just getting started, and there was just 20 or so stories in the archive, and the shining jewel among them was Te's "Project" series? That's when this was written.

Title: Lessons in Popularity
Author: Lambourn
Series : Number #4 in the Lessons
#1. Lessons in Compassion
#2. Lessons in Cruelty
#3. Lessons in Conspiracy
Spoilers: Up to and including "Cool"
Rating: PG-13 at this point, my muse left before it could turn R
Pairing: Clark/Lex

Author’s notes: It's been nearly two years since I've written in this universe. My love for Smallville has followed an ebb and flow of interest, as has my writing. If Smallville was a three hour event, maybe it would look like my "Lessons" series.

Disclaimer: I did not Pass Go, I did not collect any money for this.

Summary: "Or am I standing still with the scenery flying by? Am I standing still, out of the corner of my eye was that you passing me by?"

* * *
Lessons in Popularity )

That's all I have. I stopped in the middle of the sentence 2 1/2 years ago, and never went back to it. I do have a long outline, and but the muse left me, never looking back. *sigh*

It's kinda painful to read this, because it was so long ago, and my writing I believe has improved.
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2005-02-03 08:26 pm
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MR on "Last Call with Carson Daly"

If you didn't get enough MR on SV last night ... this may help soothe the pain.

Here it is, what was teased and hinted about by [ profile] moonlash_cc can now indeed be watched by all. This file came to me by way of [ profile] eisakay, and to help with the bandwidth sharing, I've uploaded it to YouSendIt.

Share and share alike! *g*

MR on Carson Daly
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2005-01-25 02:46 pm

MR, Tony Danza and Carson Daily

It was a good day yesterday for MR fans everywhere. *g* Not only was His Sexiness on television nationally (err, unless you're in the nation's capital) but he did a taping of Carson Daily's late show that cannot be missed when it airs Feb 2. Thank you [ profile] moonlash_cc for the wonderful synopsis.

There's no way in hell I'm missing that show.

Anyway, as for what did air, MR was on the Tony Danza show. (Brief pause for those who did not know Tony Danza had a show). Thanks go to [ profile] edie22 who pointed me to [ profile] eisakay who had it for download.

I also uploaded it to save her bandwidth to YouSendIt for those who don't yet have it. It's around 50mb. Michael Rosenbaum on the Tony Danza Show

ETA: If you're a fourth season spoiler-phobe you shouldn't watch the opening! It contains a scene that has not aired on SV yet. Of course most spoiler phobes don't watch interviews, so this warning is probably not necessary. *g*
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2005-01-22 01:29 pm

*rubs eyes*

I'm back. The laptop after a month of possession by Toshiba (2 day turnaround, yeah right!) is back in my cold little paws.

It's silly, but for almost two days after getting it back, I didn't turn it on. I was afraid of it. I felt disconnected from my baby and I didn't recognize it all intact and whole. 'Cause since I've been back from my parents (since Jan 5), I've been using a prostetic if you will- my tired old Dell that whimpers when more than one window is open, and didn't have the hard drive space to download Semagic.

Now I'm back on my old reliable, and it does still feel strange, but I'm getting over it. I guess I have to rebond with my machine. I did miss it muchly, as I missed my lj friends as well.

*dives back into catching up on LJ while watching the snow come down* ---And there better be 6-10 inches, cause I've been promised 6-10 inches before and been disappointed.
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2004-12-15 07:16 am

*rubs eyes* Finals, "NCIS", and "House"

Ah, LJ, how I've missed you. There's nothing like getting sick and then having finals to make you realize just how much time has been wasted in the semester doing non-school things like reading flist, reading slash, watching television, sleeping at night instead of keeping eyeballs fixed permanently to molecule structures...

Actually I'm not panicking this year, as I have years past. I actually feel pretty good about my two upcoming chemistry finals. I have my white-erase board of Doom, because you can't get through organic chem without being able to draw structures and name molecules in your sleep. I have my color-coded notes from the text. I have all my problems worked out (and the corrections). I've kept up on my work this semester when before I haven't, and you know, I'm still really fucking nervous about the final.

However, no panic this year. *g* No panic attacks. No hurling before the exam. (Yes, I'm that nervous when it comes to tests). I'm thinking positive thoughts. I'm channeling my inner Lex, the "failure isn't something I do" Lex equipped with a mind-whammy and an automatic weapon, for this exam. So it's lame my idol is a fictional character, at least it works. *g*

So last night I had my study break, and it was Tuesday, so my DVR had a workout, plus I enjoyed some quality time with my loverboy...Remember when Tuesday meant Buffy? Now it's NCIS, House, VM, etc )

Back to reviewing before I have to leave.

ETA: I'm very behind on comments, but eventually I shall get to all the wonderful slash that's been posted the last couple of weeks, I just need to get through tomorrow's exam in physical chemistry. Also, I'm deeply shamed but I *still* haven't finished my L&C story. It's like 40 some pages, half finished, and the deadline was embarassingly Dec 7, but I swear, the moment I finish the exams, take a deep breath, and clean the cave, that shall be done. Getting sick, and finals have killed my free time. I'm so sorry [ profile] rose_emily. *prostrates self in begging for mercy*