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Your Career as a Deadly Assassin (LJ) by maxgallagher
You first killed at age22
Your victim wasA deadly assassin
Your trademark weaponPoison Gas
Your reputationReckless and head-strong
You work withstopawhile
You kill forLove
In the end, you are defeated byrivkat
Your deathHail of gunfire
Your career body-count360
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Geez, what's with everyone's birthday being in Nov/Dec? *g*

Happy birthday to [ profile] emeraldsedai ! Feedback is a beautiful thing, it brings both enlightenment and joy, and in this case, friendship. I'm very glad I decided to reply about your last story "The Things I Cannot Change", as it's resulted in a wonderful dialog that would not have happened otherwise. *g* Hope you have another creative year!

And of course, happy birthday to [ profile] amandajane5! Had I not gone to SV chat one night, I might never have known there was such a fun gathering at Freddie's in the making. It was a delight to meet you, both in fandom and IRL, and I hope this next year with your beautiful new house (oh so jealous about that!) is everything you want and more.
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I've been back from my Thanksgiving break since Sunday afternoon, and pathetically this is the first post I've made. Some girls get flowers or candy on return from their absense from their sweetheart, but my love is super special because he got me sick.

Utter misery...  )

I've noticed some great stories going up on the f-list this week, and I'm a horrible terrible person for reading and not commenting- but I've only got brief moments of concentration from the cold medicine. I'm so loopy, all I've got is "oooh cool story", "Pretty sad angsty boys!", and "More!" as comments. Nothing really deeper than that for the most part.

PS- Thank you [ profile] stopawhile for the cute card and the sexy Lex bookmark. My cat tormented the tinsel until finally I had to tell him spoiler for Scare! )
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It was a long long trip home for Thanksgiving for me. Between delays at the airport and short-tempered, frazzled parents - I feel like I've been through the emotional meatgrinder. Beyond the travel woes, this trip had a new factor of travelling without my laptop (first time I've done this since err, before I had a laptop in 1998). I'm like a junkie without a fix, so my lj time is going to be really limited until Monday night when I return home from my trip and school.

Stealing away to surf on my mom's computer is like 007 operation- I'm always on the lookout for my mom to appear behind me and ask- just what are you doing? Plus, I've been maintaining high vigilance about clearing her cache and deleting the temp pages. The last thing I need is discovery of my lj.

All those worries aside, it's been nice to be home. Good food, no clean up, and such a kickass entertainment system that I'm just green with envy. The new baby of my parents is their bigscreen, flatscreen High-Def television, which came with a large selection of independent high-def channels. Their HD tier selection puts COX and Washington DC to shame. One of those selections was HDNET, who yesterday had a first-season SV marathon, coupled with an hour long behind-the-scenes special.

SPOILERS for Smallville: Making the Magic and 4th Season up to  )

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, obviously mine was enriched by that segment. *g*

ETA: ACK! I need to put a bell on her, I posted the entry and then she came up "Oh, what's that? Email? Oh... a journal, you have a journal?" I'm like...errr...
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but it looks like I have to. I'm home for lunch, so I can call Toshiba and start the process of sending back my laptop. It's needed to return to the Mothership since like, Dec of last year, but I the ultimate in procrastination have put it off until now.

I sort of made these little compromises- like, hey, I don't *really* need my CD-ROM to work, I can just borrow [ profile] an_sceal 's external burner and make due. I don't really need my CTR key to work, I can just... um, use the power button to work in CTRL-ALT-DEL when things crash. It's okay that my internal battery is useless because I have a cord. It's okay that my internal modem is hanging out the back of the case, because I use my wireless card.

I made those compromises for 11 months, probably more, and now I have to hand my baby over before the extended waranty runs out. Cue a long story about a stolen laptop, and being screwed by two companies *at* *the* *time* without the benefit of a reacharound...  )

So this me, signing off... reluctantly. I shall return if my laptop does. I mean, *when* my laptop does.

ETA : Just kidding! You know what foresight is? Purchasing an extended warranty right before your laptop gets stolen. You know what dumbass is? Toshiba not transferring that new warranty to the replacement computer. ARGH! Oh well, next week I get to psyche myself up all over again once the transfer takes effect. *whimpers*
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It's no secret that if you look at my favorite Smallville stories, you'll find size matters to me. *g* If the story is Clark/Lex and at minimum 100KB, it's almost a guarantee that I will read it at some time, unless I find the premise and summary too unbelievable to swallow. Lately since all I read are AUs, I'm finding that I can go pretty far before I find an unbelievable premise.

That brings me to my first rec, "The Things I Cannot Change" by Dark Emerald

Why I liked it, and why you might )

Now, after reccing a happy, sexy, h/c crossover- I'm reccing an unhappy, unsexy, lots of hurt very little comfort crossover. No, I'm not bipolar, I just have varied reading tastes.

The second story is Fifth Victim by Lux It's a pre-Smallville/CSI crossover. It's Lex/other. It's 136KB, and it's *not* for those who are squicked by violence, by molestation, by the darkness of human depravity, etc. If you want a fluffy Clex with a happy ending- this is not the story to read.

And now I scare off my f-list by my rec of this )

ETA : I have no idea why the comment feature was removed- I guess I accidently checked it in Semagic, and then didn't notice! Thank you [ profile] roxymissrose for emailing me and pointing it out.

A lj meme

Nov. 19th, 2004 11:28 am
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What the hell, I'm bored and not feeling great so writing is coming very slow.

gakked from [ profile] tamalinn

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My journal is called "Rice Paper Heart" because it's one of my favorite songs by Bain Mattox. I just like imagery in the title, having something so easily torn like rice paper, even though I possess one of stone normally. *g*

My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My subtitle is blank because I ran out of creativity.

My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My friends page is called "The Unusual Suspects" because it's a rip-off of my favorite movie, and - I've got too many freakishly talented people on my f-list for them to be 'usual' in any manner.

My username is ____ because _____.
My username is lambourngb because it's a place- Lambourn in Great Britain. I've never been there, but it was the setting in my favorite Dick Francis novels "To The Hilt"- Lambourn is where the hero Alexander Kinloch had once built a life with a house and a wife that he loved desperately, but couldn't find happiness there. He couldn't live the conventional life and still be the talented artist that he was. So 'lambourn' is a place in my mind, where love and conflicts with creativity, and creativity wins.

My default userpic is _____ because_____.
My default userpic is Lex and "Still I see Monsters" because I love Lex, and I loved Shattered/Asylum. But this userpic often changes, because I'm distracted by shiny new icons.
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I nearly had an overload of SV today with my S-3 DVDs sitting on my doorstep when I got home from school, and the fact I had "Bound" to watch my bf that night. I had a lot of anticipation built up for that episode from the various reactions I saw on my f-list. I was very good and didn't peek at spoilers, I just gleaned what I could from the mood icons and emotional statements made.

First, the easy, Season 3 DVDs How much do I love MR? )

And now my thoughts on "Bound". What can I say that hasn't been said? )

On the writing front, I managed a title and 2700 words for [ profile] rose_emily 's L&C challenge between classes today. That's exactly 2680 more than I had before. *g* At least the first scene is done.
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It looks like my S-3 DVDs will be here tomorrow. *grinds teeth* I guess I'm going to have to learn how to be patient and *not* stalk my UPS man. It's killing me though, reading all the little excepts my f-list has been putting up about the cut scenes.

I know I would be less impatient if I didn't click on cuttags and spoil myself so badly- but I have never had willpower. Ever.

Wah! I want them now! Now I tell you! At least I was able to see the gag reel. Thanks [ profile] svmadelyn and [ profile] theantimodel for having links to all the great media.

At least there's new SV tonight! With the promise of a lot of Lex. *crosses fingers it won't suck* Please, AlMiles, you've tortured me enough with "Facade" and "Spell" this year. I'm begging some mercy, here.

*uncrosses fingers and goes back to writing like a fiend*

Music Meme

Nov. 15th, 2004 02:07 pm
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gakked from [ profile] svmadelyn

Music Meme for songs that you think are underplayed, rated, etc...

Upload the song using
Post the Link and the Lyrics to your LJ.

I love obscure music. Nothing makes me happier than to spend hours on these sites: LA Music Scene ,
The New York Music Scene,
The TX Music Scene
Left Off The Dial- VA, NC, DC
I go through the hundreds (thousands) of garage bands and bar bands trying to make it, looking at their sites and listening to their demo MP3s. Some of the stuff I hear is pretty forgettable, but there's been a few that have really good songs, better than what's on the radio- they're just one lucky break away from making it. However, brilliance doesn't mean they stay together, so I've emassed a collection of "pre-hit break up" songs. *g*

A list of songs that I think are not only underplayed, but nearly impossible to find because all of these bands are defunct.

Far Too Jones "... And I Wanted You To Know" Okay, so this band isn't that obscure- I heard them on Buffy a long time ago, they put out a few CDs availible on amazon, before they broke up. Some members reunited, and they're called "The Clear", and they're in NC at the moment. This song is Clark for me, at least S4 Clark, because Clark is pretty bitter about a lot of things- football, Lex, his father's rules, etc. This song sums that up for me. *g*

...And I Wanted You To Know lyrics )

Krave: " Sorry For You" They were an LA rock band made up of 4 women, and they could really get into the angsty, angry alternative genre. This song is all about Lex for me, and his thoughts on Clark. *g* Bitter, angsty, and jaded Lex, having heard one too many lies from Clark. If you like it, let me know, I have 4 other MP3s by them.

Sorry For You lyrics )

Twilight: "What Will It Take?" , "Coming Home" and
"Change of Mind"
This band was a nice mellow mix of U2 and Coldplay. I liked the music first, until I started listening closely to the lyrics and realized how Clex-fied they were. *g* "What Will It Take?" is my first-season Lex song. It's tired and weary, but hopeful. "Coming Home" is the song I hear when I think about Clark's summer in Metropolis, and Lex's sorjourn on the island. Finally "Change of Mind" is my Rift love song for Clark/Lex.

What Will It Take? lyrics )

Coming Home lyrics )

Change of Mind lyrics )
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Please tell me someone got the end of CSI: NY last night!

My news cut in exactly one minute or two minutes before the end of the show. I would have liked to have heard the explanation of the crime. *tugs out hair* I could absolutely kill CBS for doing this. My god, it's a 10 o'clock show, couldn't they wait like three minutes?

Not to be callous, but Arafat was going to still be dead five minutes later. *sighs* So, f-list, anyone help me out? Thanks!
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Inspired by [ profile] wednesday100 's challenge of body-switching. I'm incapable of writing 100 words.

TITLE: "Opportunity Knocks"
AUTHOR: : Lambourn
GENRE: Futurefic, AU
PAIRING: Clark/Lois, Clark/Lex

AUTHOR NOTES: Quick and dirty, done in two hours after mind-numbing school. I don't know how it happened, just that it did. Go with it. :)

Opportunity Knocks )
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What's brewing in my head:

Gakked from [ profile] rose_emily: If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

I broke some rules, because one sentence isn't enough for some stories. :)

"Restoration": My AU future-fic, Clark/Lex, "Lex goes home to wrap up unfinished business."

"There was, but it was a fender-bender with minor injuries six weeks ago. At the hospital they ran some tests as a precaution, and," the voice let out a soft breath and laughed roughly, "you have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?"

"Karma": AU-trailer-fic, my take on "Transference", Clark/Lex

"I know we've had our problems, but I've never wanted to punish you, especially not with prison."

"Focus": An attempt at an "episode", meteor-mutant psychiatrist sets up shop in Smallville.

"It's like I couldn't help it, she asked me a question about not being at your game last night, and all of my feelings about your powers, and football just came tumbling out."

"Untitled" - for rose_emily's Lois and Clark challenge:

"When the board found those pictures of my brother in bed with another man, well voting to make me the CEO was practically unanimous."

"Begin Again"- Harry Potter, H/D, MPREG, War-fic, cliche-fic epic:

As he met his father's anticipatory eyes after he got off the train that June he knew that his sworn allegiance to a spirit may have only cost him words but that duty to the body of the Dark Lord was going to cost him his own spirit.

"In Lieu of Love (Send Me Hate) - Harry Potter, H/D, Veela, non-con, angsty cliche-epic:

Even a master at Legimency would have a hard time tampering with the memory of a Veela or Veela-blooded wizard, and as gifted as Potter apparently seemed to be with memory charms, he was no master.

"The Long Goodbye"- Harry Potter, H/D, angst, post-war, established relationship:

Before all of this happened, Draco's favorite flower had been his mother's, white narcissus but with the onset of the curse he changed it to the deep blue of Forget-Me-Nots. Draco, his face calm and filled with the terrible acceptance of his fate, told him, "I'm going to forget a lot of things, Harry. I don't want to forget how to laugh."

* * *

Those are in order of what I last added to. *rubs eyes* Obviously, the Untitled for the challenge will be first to be complete, and then everything Smallville, since my HP muse has gone on vacation or fallen into a coma.
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After being awakened about a half-hour before I needed to be, I caught up with more lj comments on last nights ep. So far I've been very pleased that it's been overwhelmingly positive. Of course, I checked my email, and saw that ClarkLex list was um, the same. Not shocked at all.

Question: with spoiler )

The Kent family need some serious couch time. Maybe he and Lex can get group rates.

ETA: Okay, I just watched "Leech" and Martha's comment about where was Clark going to get a meteor rock, "It's not like we keep them lying around." Eek! So now they do keep them lying around. Poor Clark.
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Wow. I'm so very pleased with tonight's episode.

Out of body experience )

Now, my very very AU "Karma" needs some work. I won't change anything to make it conform to what the show had, because it was supposed to be finished before the episode aired, and that would defeat the purpose of "Trailer-inspired" fic.
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No one was more surprised than I was to be watching UPN last night. After "Buffy"'s demise, there was no reason to flip that high on my cable box. Yeah, I know "Enterprise" is there, but I'm still hung up over DS9, and since I never gave "Voyager" a chance, I thought it would be hypocritical of me to tune into Scott Bakula's rendition of a Star Fleet Cpt. :)

So yeah, anyway, last night I DVR-ed "Veronica Mars" based on a recommendation on lj. Let's just say, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it so much, even if I was so hopelessly lost.

Read more... )

I was amused by the show, entertained, and I'll tune in next week. Unless it gets canceled.

Oh, and I'm working on "Karma", probably 2 more parts before it's over. It's a short WiP. :)
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Well, this isn't the episode-like mutant psychiatrist fic, or the expansion of my rift-fic that begun with rose_emily's first line meme, but rather something new. I was watching the trailer for this week's episode, when I was bit by a bunny and spawned this, "Karma".

Title : Karma
Author : Lambourn
Spoilers for : Everything 4th season, including TRANSFERENCE !
Rating: : PG-13, probably end up R.
Pairing: Clark/Lex

Summary: : Inspired by the trailer for Transference and the spoilers I read.

Warning: : If you're a spoiler-phobe, please don't read my story. I don't mind, really. I'd be more hurt if I ruined your enjoyment of the show based on revelation of spoiling plot points. The last thing I want to do is that. So if you want to come back on Thursday to read this and laugh at how wrong I got things and how AU this is now, that's fine. :)

Also, unbetaed.

Spoiler-Story for  )
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I have no shortage of stories to write it appears. Between rose_emily's Lois & Clark SV challenge, finishing that futurefic rift-drabble into a real story, and tackling a "Run" post-ep story, I've got my hands full.

Of course, that said, I've just been mauled to death by a SV-bunny that was kind enough to come with an outline. I've decided to try and write a story in the style of a Smallville episode, except of course with homosexual sex. :) You know what Smallville needs? A psychiatrist. A meteor-mutant psychiatrist. And three hours of watching the Sopranos later- I've got an outline, a plot, some characters, and a glimmer of an ending.

I guess I'll sleep, um sometime? Homework, what's that? *facepalm*.
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Warning: Discussion of sexual assault ahead. Also, long rambling post.

So I have like 6 more episodes of "Rescue Me" on my DVR to watch, and I find myself wondering if I really want to now after I've watched episode 107: "Butterfly". When the show first premiered, I found myself excited to see Denis Leary back on television after "The Job" and in a role that he is very passionate about - a NYC Fireman. I knew right from the start there was going to be controversy, because this show revolves around the spector of 9-11. It's an event that changed everyone's life, in some way (sometimes in small ways like security tightened, sometimes in large ways like losing a loved one).

Read more... )
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