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Thank you [personal profile] an_sceal, [personal profile] syriinx and [personal profile] suzvoy for the snowflake cookies! I loved them! Thank you so so so very much.

Now with my undying gratitude out of the way: (and maybe I should make this a separate post to keep the feelings unconnected...) Here are my thoughts on the free cookie mistake/future cookie rules. As always, it was fun while it lasted, but now eljay is going to fuck it up.

I read about the "glitch" and there's a promise of "real free gifts" in the future. However it comes with the caveat- you may only send them to people who have mutually friended you. Well, as you know, I hate the term "friend" on LJ, part of the reason my permanent journal is on Dreamwidth, and I'm very aware I have over 100 journals on my list, and not all of them added me back.

If I like the fiction, the meta, the pictures, the whatever, I add the journal. This is really my "reading list". No one has to add me back, and anyone is free to drop me at anytime (except for [personal profile] an_sceal and [profile] marigot. (You guys are stuck with me forever).

I stopped writing years ago, and honestly I'm just now getting back into posting. My journal is never going to be a high traffic, must read journal. I'm okay with that. I do not feel inadequate, or left out, nor am I "butt hurt" that the add-backs aren't automatic. We all use our journals for different reasons. Like I said, mine is reading list, yours could be "journals I comment on all the time" or whatever. Your friendlist size is between you and your deity of choice.

Here's my point- I believe it is better to give than receive. I like doing things for people. It's like heroin. I do not appreciate livejournal taking away my ability to send gifts/appreciation to those high-traffic, must read journals.

In the future, am I supposed to send someone a comment- "hey you can add me for a minute, I'd like to send you a snowflake! go ahead and defriend afterward no hard feelings!" AWKWARD! Plus, it totally defeats the purpose of a gift.

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Yeah, that's weird that it has to be mutually friended.

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