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This post has nothing to do with the various characterizations that we saw in the episode (other people have made pretty much every point that could be made about Rodney, Keller, and Sam).

Why did they have to go back to that planet? Is it really their job to relocate a civilization? I'm sorry, if you have increasing tremors four times a day, and I explain that it's going to get worse to the point your town falls into a sinkhole, is there any doubt that relocation is the best solution? And if after offering my assistance, scouting out a relocation planet, and you still balk at moving (and want something for your trouble)- well, I've got four words for your stubborn ass : "Sucks to be You". Seriously, evolution should correct for your stupidity, the earthquakes can have you. (Of course, I'd leave these people with a list of 'safe' gate addresses, if they want to live they'll use them.)

I can see why John did not want to go back to that planet and foisted it off on Sam. Historically I can see with the existence of space gates that culturally people might have been wary of gating to somewhere else (did the Ancients hand down safe locations? How the hell did a tribe/civilization form a list of safe trading addresses without a MALP? Village lottery?)

I can understand being wary of a new group of people after being minerally raped by the Genii. However it still comes down to the fact your people are sick and your ground moves 4 times a day (and both of those conditions existed prior to Atlantis contacting them), perhaps a new locale is prudent.

That's just me, perhaps I'm needlessly harsh. Usually you bargain to get someone's help, you don't bargain to accept it.

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