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Ah, LJ, how I've missed you. There's nothing like getting sick and then having finals to make you realize just how much time has been wasted in the semester doing non-school things like reading flist, reading slash, watching television, sleeping at night instead of keeping eyeballs fixed permanently to molecule structures...

Actually I'm not panicking this year, as I have years past. I actually feel pretty good about my two upcoming chemistry finals. I have my white-erase board of Doom, because you can't get through organic chem without being able to draw structures and name molecules in your sleep. I have my color-coded notes from the text. I have all my problems worked out (and the corrections). I've kept up on my work this semester when before I haven't, and you know, I'm still really fucking nervous about the final.

However, no panic this year. *g* No panic attacks. No hurling before the exam. (Yes, I'm that nervous when it comes to tests). I'm thinking positive thoughts. I'm channeling my inner Lex, the "failure isn't something I do" Lex equipped with a mind-whammy and an automatic weapon, for this exam. So it's lame my idol is a fictional character, at least it works. *g*

So last night I had my study break, and it was Tuesday, so my DVR had a workout, plus I enjoyed some quality time with my loverboy...

NCIS continues to go over my expectations. Let's face it, I would watch a criminalist/investigative show with Mark Harmon even if it was awful. And this show isn't. It's funny. It shouldn't be, but it is. I love the dry wit, the comic scrabble for Gibbs's attention, the fact you can tell all the characters do care about one another, and of course, there's no one on the show I want to kill, a rarity. I've been wanting a Tony-centric show for a while, and last night delivered.

Frank Whaley was an awesome guest star. So so cute. I have much love for Frank and his strange roles (like "Swimming With Sharks" continues to be one of my favorite cult-classics with Frank and Kevin Spacey.) Hand-cuffed to Tony for the night, it hit all my slash buttons, because I've been wanting to see some slashy-Tony stuff but I shy away from the Gibbs/Tony vibe. Yeah, I knew that there was a good chance Whaley's character was a psycho killer, but I enjoyed their commaraderie, the way Tony looked out for Whaley's character right up unto the end. The end killed me. "I really liked him."

Tony has so many hidden depths that I want explored. His father issues ("He was too drunk to hit us."). His fear of success that was touched briefly in an investigation before about being a rising star in Baltimore Narcotics (or was it Homicide?). His love of old movies that obviously filled a paternal role since he seemed to have two absent parents. His womanizing that covers up his insecurity about the ability for someone to love him. You don't often see the real Tony on NCIS, he's usually hiding behind some defined role- either dutiful son to Gibbs, annoying older brother to McGee, or lecherous co-worker to Kate, and last night- I think you saw a real glimpse of him.

I watched House, and taped VM last night (perhaps that's how I'll wind-down post-exam). My love for House continues to grow by unmeasured bounds. I've been there since the beginning, based on the fact I saw Robert Sean Leonard in the promos, and I'm a long time fan. Of course, now I have serious Hugh Laurie love, and the two of them together are so cute.

Slowly but surely we're getting into the private lives of his team. Last night was Dr. Chase's turn to share a little tidbit. He was in the seminary for a time before finding medicine. I did not see that coming at all. It makes me wonder about his background, just where is he from in the Isles that he's Catholic? (He doesn't sound Irish to me, but then I'm an American, my knowledge of accents comes from BBCAmerica.) His character is still growing on me (he won me over initially by being attractive, British, and having floppy hair cause I'm shallow like that). Now of course it makes sense why he was completely bowled over by Dr. Cameron's suggestive remark two episodes ago about sex. He's not used to hearing naughty things from women. *g* Now I wonder why he left the seminary, what was his test of faith? A crush on a fellow male student?

So far we have Dr. Cameron, either having had a child that died, or being close to someone who did, and therefore having an intimate look at death that the others don't have. Dr. Foreman who stole a car when he was 16, so he's well versed in breaking into things, and now Dr. Chase who was going to be a priest.

As much as I enjoy the cases, RSL (Dr. Wilson) and Laurie put me over the top in their interaction. Now Dr. Wilson is having marital difficulties! It's all the long hours he puts in at the hospital to so he can be there for House. The exchange last night, House probing a little because he seems like he should, and James going, "I don't want to talk about it" because you know, discussing his wife with his boyfriend *is* awkward... that alone made me squee in delight, but oh god, they gave me more!The final scene with the two of them spending Christmas Eve together *happysigh* House laughing! He never laughs like that. James beaming with chop sticks in hand, clearly delighted in getting that reaction.

Let's just say, I was high from that for hours last night. So far I've only seen one untitled story on the lists, so later today, I'll be tracking down to see if there's LJ slash out there. It's a difficult show to right for, with the medical terminology and the devotion to last-names, but man, is the subtext practically text now. *g*

Back to reviewing before I have to leave.

ETA: I'm very behind on comments, but eventually I shall get to all the wonderful slash that's been posted the last couple of weeks, I just need to get through tomorrow's exam in physical chemistry. Also, I'm deeply shamed but I *still* haven't finished my L&C story. It's like 40 some pages, half finished, and the deadline was embarassingly Dec 7, but I swear, the moment I finish the exams, take a deep breath, and clean the cave, that shall be done. Getting sick, and finals have killed my free time. I'm so sorry [ profile] rose_emily. *prostrates self in begging for mercy*

on 2004-12-15 02:47 pm (UTC)
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You know, that was just so much fun to read. I'm going to have to check out NCIS now.

on 2004-12-15 03:56 pm (UTC)
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Welcome back! *grin* Good luck for the finals- and do you want a Christmas card (

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