Jul. 12th, 2006

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I've become such a lightweight when it comes to sleep. I went to bed early, couldn't even stay up to finish watching the All Star Game. I didn't think the AL was gonna pull it out with the pitching they were facing, though I knew Hoffman can be vulnerable. Still, missed the rally, I went to bed in the 7th, punking out so I could some sleep for work today.

I know, it counts for HFA, but man, it was just dragging last night. I kinda missed the slug-fests from the last couple of years. Pitching duels are great for regular season games, a little dull when I want to see my favorite players get hits (just not off of Zito). Speaking of, he was awesome, except for the long loud out at the end. Nice to see him face more than one batter for his 3rd ASG appearance.

I started writing again lately, something I did off and on in the last year though I was still no closer to finishing anything. I found some old VM stuff I wrote during the long Jan hiatus between Clash of the Tritons and Lord of the Bling. Who knows, I might restructure it some day and finish. It was just the beginning of something plotty.

"Tears for Peers"
Summary: "By now, you know it's not going to stop."
Spoilers: sometime after "The Clash of the Tritons", AU for "Lord of the Bling."

Think: VMVO (tm TWoP) )
... and that is all I wrote. Totally season-1 fun full of voice-overs and flash-backs. I know where I was going with it, but then Rob Thomas totally beat me there with the slow cease-fire from Logan, the reveals in "Trip to the Dentist", etc. I found myself chuckling over the Barry Bonds ball part. Wonder if Luke still mourns it with all the allegations.

Off to work for another fun filled day of cranky customers.

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