Feb. 25th, 2005

lambourngb: Kirk in bomber jacket (tied clark custom by amandajane5)
10 things I've done that most of you probably haven't.

1. Was raised by an employee of Psychic Friends Network. (My Mom)
2. Had someone tell me my skeleton is worth $100,000 based on the uniqueness of my bone structure. (Rare bone disorder. Good for freaking out x-ray technicians.)
3. Worked for the man who lit the torch for the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. He was a 5-time Olympian and a silver medalist for show jumping. (Michael Matz, now retired and trains racehorses.)
4. Was once surrounded by the sheriff's department and handcuffed. (I was staying in a trailer with a friend at someone's farm- her landlord forgot I was using the trailer and called the cops saying there was a vagrant/drug user using the trailer.)
5. Sang onstage with Meatloaf during a concert. (I sang the line "Stop Right There" in "Paradise by the Dashboard Light".)
6. Made out with a complete stranger at the same concert while on stage with Meatloaf.( I was part of the demonstration on how he sold the song to the record companies.)
7. Once chased a cow with a car during a "round up".
8. Had to hide a bag of oregano from the cops during a traffic stop. (Raided my mom's spice rack with a friend and then drove to her house to make lasgana- she got stopped for speeding).
9. Watched my brother hang two beer bottles from his nipples (one on each nipple) on national television. (He was on MTV's "Sink or Swim". His "talent" greatly impressed the judges- "Good Charlotte")
10. Begged my parents to buy a horse at a thoroughbred auction,-- said horse gave birth a month later to multi-millionaire race horse. (Sharon Brown- gave birth to Holy Bull : he won 2.4 million dollars in 1993-1994.)

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