Feb. 4th, 2005

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WIP Amnesty day, and boy do I have a lot of them! Remember first season? Remember when the SV fandom was just getting started, and there was just 20 or so stories in the archive, and the shining jewel among them was Te's "Project" series? That's when this was written.

Title: Lessons in Popularity
Author: Lambourn
Series : Number #4 in the Lessons
#1. Lessons in Compassion
#2. Lessons in Cruelty
#3. Lessons in Conspiracy
Spoilers: Up to and including "Cool"
Rating: PG-13 at this point, my muse left before it could turn R
Pairing: Clark/Lex

Author’s notes: It's been nearly two years since I've written in this universe. My love for Smallville has followed an ebb and flow of interest, as has my writing. If Smallville was a three hour event, maybe it would look like my "Lessons" series.

Disclaimer: I did not Pass Go, I did not collect any money for this.

Summary: "Or am I standing still with the scenery flying by? Am I standing still, out of the corner of my eye was that you passing me by?"

* * *
Lessons in Popularity )

That's all I have. I stopped in the middle of the sentence 2 1/2 years ago, and never went back to it. I do have a long outline, and but the muse left me, never looking back. *sigh*

It's kinda painful to read this, because it was so long ago, and my writing I believe has improved.
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In the beginning, I watched ER a lot. I always liked Carter. My interest wanned over the years, returning when they cast the role of Dr Kovac, and then I got really tired of the Abby-story lines, so I stopped watching.

This was written after I watched a season 8 episode called "Secrets and Lies". I was so pissed and ashamed at how ER handled this revelation that Carter makes that I wrote this. Eventually though, I ran out of steam and righteous indignation. *g*

Title : The Secret Sharer
Author : Lambourn
Pairing : Kovac/Carter (preslash).
Warnings : Rated R for discussion of mature subject matter.

Summary : First it was a secret, then it was a memory, now it was a joke, but it still hurt all the same.

My Author Notes: Warnings, discusses sexual abuse. Also, I'm on a soapbox.  )

* * * "The Secret Sharer" )

So it stalled there, before I could nail down a conversation with Kovac and Carter together. Carter sat down and waiting for Abby to show up, and end up talking, not about anything related to his past, but just for comfort. He left the apartment surprised he felt better, and that was the end of it.

The next companion story, which never even got started, "Heart of Darkness" was supposed to be much longer, picks up 2 years later and all about Carter in Africa with Kovac, sharing a tent. *g* That was where the pre-slash was supposed to become slash; Kovac noticing all the little details of Carter and then learning about the past abuse, hurt/comfort all the way.
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One of the first things I liked about WaT when I started watching in first season was the dynamic between Martin and Danny. I absolutely loved Danny Taylor, and I was just teased to pieces in the first five episodes about his past- you knew he grew up in foster care because of a car accident, you knew thanks to Claire Metcalf's story that he blamed himself for causing the accident, and you knew that he changed his last name to something Anglo-sounding.

I wrote this before we found out about his brother in prison or any other details from his life. I certainly wrote it before Sam/Martin thing happened. (scrubs brain).

TITLE : "Lost in the Flood"
AUTHOR : Lambourn
RATING : PG-13, R? I got stalled before I could get to the sex. Again.
FANDOM: "Without a Trace"
PAIRING : Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald

DISCLAIMER : Not a word of this is true. Any resemblance to people, living or dead is purely coincidental. The concept of Without A Trace is not mine, nor are the characters- they belong to someone more gifted than I.

SUMMARY: "One of these mornings, you will look for me, and I'll be gone." Which is worse, going missing in body or in spirit?

SPOILERS : First season. Previous cases mentioned: "Between the Cracks" (Eve Cleary), "Silent Partner" (Patrick Kent) "The Friendly Skies" (Linda Schmidt), "Clare de Lune" (Claire Metcalf)

* * * "Lost in the Flood" )

I didn't have an outline for this, so I don't remember where I was going, other than long hours working a case leading to m/m text over the subtext the show delivered. *g* The victim was based very-loosely on my own experiences with anxiety disorders/internet addiction and isolationism, and I was going to find myself dead. Perhaps that's why I stalled on the story.

The thing was, I started a sequel, that I might as well offer up on WiP Amnesty day.

TITLE : Point Blank
AUTHOR: Lambourn
FANDOM: "Without a Trace"
PAIRING: Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald

DISCLAIMER: Not a word of this is true. Any resemblance to people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The concept of Without A Trace is not mine, nor are the characters- they belong to someone more gifted than I.

SUMMARY: "We all have our Chet Collins, you will too."

SPOILERS: Yes, first season. Previous cases mentioned: "Between the Cracks" (Eve Cleary), "Suspect" (Andy Deaver), Silent Partner (Patrick Kent)

Sequel to "Lost in the Flood"

* * * "Point Blank" )

I think Mel Watson was the obligatory gay character who helps Danny, unknowingly come to terms with the dynamic between him and Martin. I had a vague idea that this was a faked hitch-hiker case, and the body had a receipt from a gas station. I think I had a drug-dealer boyfriend with a violent past as the obvious but incorrect suspect. Again, no outline, so I don't remember where I was going with this one.

I have WaT on DVD so, maybe I'll go back to this one day.
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TITLE : "The Waiting Period"
AUTHOR : Lambourn
FANDOM : Smallville
GENRE : Drama, Humor, First-Time
PAIRING : Clark/Lex (of course)
SPOILERS : AU after "Phoenix".

SUMMARY : "Someone has beaten Lex to the punch."

* * * )


Okay, so this died because of the fact I lost my laptop to Toshiba for 1 month, and didn't make an outline before I closed the file. I also, it occurs to me that Lex is way out of character, like he talks too much and all I can say is it's AU after Phoenix- so pretend Lex was never institutionalized, Clark never went behind his back to his father (i.e. Memoria), the CoCK is still intact but undiscovered, and Clark is more puppy than pitbull asshole we've seen so far.

Originally I wrote this for someone's birthday. Um I won't say who, because obviously I suck, since I didn't finish it. Let's just say the prompt was this: "I love possessive touching--gripping someone's chin, shoulder, unexpectedly. Actual, active seduction--one character going all out to get the other one. I vacillate on who I like to initiate between Clark and Lex though. Shall have to ponder in more depth. I love obsessive Lex--when he's collecting things about Clark--like his shirt."

So you can tell where the story was going, it just didn't get there.
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TITLE: "Extra-Marital Affairs"
AUTHOR: Lambourn
FANDOM: Smallville
PAIRING: Lex/Other, Clark/Other was heading toward Clark/Lex
SPOILERS: Major ones for "Unsafe"

SUMMARY: "I still have my commitment papers from Belle Reve, Clark, if that's what you're looking for in a spouse."

* * * )

* * *
That was the quickest that any story has died on me. Ever. All it took was watching "Pariah", and I realized I couldn't write this story.
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