Jan. 22nd, 2005

lambourngb: Kirk in bomber jacket (dark enough created by astreetelf)
I'm back. The laptop after a month of possession by Toshiba (2 day turnaround, yeah right!) is back in my cold little paws.

It's silly, but for almost two days after getting it back, I didn't turn it on. I was afraid of it. I felt disconnected from my baby and I didn't recognize it all intact and whole. 'Cause since I've been back from my parents (since Jan 5), I've been using a prostetic if you will- my tired old Dell that whimpers when more than one window is open, and didn't have the hard drive space to download Semagic.

Now I'm back on my old reliable, and it does still feel strange, but I'm getting over it. I guess I have to rebond with my machine. I did miss it muchly, as I missed my lj friends as well.

*dives back into catching up on LJ while watching the snow come down* ---And there better be 6-10 inches, cause I've been promised 6-10 inches before and been disappointed.

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