Dec. 15th, 2004

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Ah, LJ, how I've missed you. There's nothing like getting sick and then having finals to make you realize just how much time has been wasted in the semester doing non-school things like reading flist, reading slash, watching television, sleeping at night instead of keeping eyeballs fixed permanently to molecule structures...

Actually I'm not panicking this year, as I have years past. I actually feel pretty good about my two upcoming chemistry finals. I have my white-erase board of Doom, because you can't get through organic chem without being able to draw structures and name molecules in your sleep. I have my color-coded notes from the text. I have all my problems worked out (and the corrections). I've kept up on my work this semester when before I haven't, and you know, I'm still really fucking nervous about the final.

However, no panic this year. *g* No panic attacks. No hurling before the exam. (Yes, I'm that nervous when it comes to tests). I'm thinking positive thoughts. I'm channeling my inner Lex, the "failure isn't something I do" Lex equipped with a mind-whammy and an automatic weapon, for this exam. So it's lame my idol is a fictional character, at least it works. *g*

So last night I had my study break, and it was Tuesday, so my DVR had a workout, plus I enjoyed some quality time with my loverboy...Remember when Tuesday meant Buffy? Now it's NCIS, House, VM, etc )

Back to reviewing before I have to leave.

ETA: I'm very behind on comments, but eventually I shall get to all the wonderful slash that's been posted the last couple of weeks, I just need to get through tomorrow's exam in physical chemistry. Also, I'm deeply shamed but I *still* haven't finished my L&C story. It's like 40 some pages, half finished, and the deadline was embarassingly Dec 7, but I swear, the moment I finish the exams, take a deep breath, and clean the cave, that shall be done. Getting sick, and finals have killed my free time. I'm so sorry [ profile] rose_emily. *prostrates self in begging for mercy*

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